We sell high cost performance body temperature tablet @JPY159,000


How to balance between risk of infection and measurement of everybody’s body temperature for protection with affordable investment?

Self operated body temperature tablet is the answer. M2RV10 is ideal for this purpose with high cost performance product in the market today.

Our offer price is 159,000 yen (exclude local TAX) while most of similar products are over 200,000yen. We never sacrifice anything and this is the price. You can go and buy @SHOP today.

We can handle English language and please send inquiry if you have any questions and ask for terms & conditions via Contact

M M2RV10 Body Temp Tablet

Open EC site in English @ BASE

Today we opened the shopping site with the following link ;


We featured the 1st product “Pedal dispenser” on the site. You can purchase the product by selected credit cards,bank transfer and other many ways of payments. Please check it out.

If you have any questions or difficulty please contact via following form or send e-mail to info@m2mobi.jp

    New normal life style

    Given the life with COVID 19 will last long we try to offer the products and service makes our life easy and more enjoyable. Please stay tuned.