We have just launched new “Pedal style sanitize alcohol dispenser.

Pedal operated sanitize dispenser









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M2RV10 Body Temp Tablet












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danalock V3 Homekit version

danalock V3 HK(Home kit) is the ideal for “touch-less” lock Open/close either by Siri voice command or Homekit menu on your iPhone(or iPad).

In the New normal Life style the “touch-less” is the key for reduce the risk for infection. Voice may one of the touch-less method and technology has already available today.

danalock V3 is completely retrofit smartlock and one of most reliable and robust product today.

Unlike other typical Japanese smartlock(Install by tape) danaock requires small task for swapping the current thrum-turn(in door side) to the danalock V3. It provides special mounting tools and not necessary make any whole. It will just swap and you can restore it anytime if it necessary.

All software installation will be done on the iPhone. Homekit is built-in software for any iPhone and not not require any additional software. You can start to use it within 30min. after un-boxing.


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